IBO reference values 2020

erstellt am 27.03.2023 von Christoph Schwemberger — zuletzt geändert 30.08.2023

The IBO reference values 2020 were first published in 2017 and have been continuously supplemented and updated since then.

The main innovations of the IBO reference values 2020 compared to the IBO reference values 2012 are:

  • The modelling of secondary raw materials and fuels was adapted to the specifications of EN 15804. This has an impact on the characteristic values of metals in particular, as the 50/50 method for the joint modelling of recycling material input and recycling quota was no longer applied, but only the input of recycling materials was taken into account.
  • The life cycle inventories were updated. To a larger extent, this concerned all wood and wood-based materials.
  • Some new reference values were included (various windows, doors, building services materials).

The detailed specific framework conditions and methodological specifications for the IBO Indicative Values 2020 can be found on the IBO website.


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