einzA Füllstoff

einzA Lackfabrik GmbH
D-21109 Hamburg
Product groups: Gypsum fillers (internal)
Product photos:
Reference value: Filler - gypsum filler
Criteria for certification, tendering and subsidies

The criteria is relevant and the product supports the fulfillment of the criterion.
The criteria is relevant and the product does not support the fulfillment of the criterion or there are no validation documents available.
Technical characteristics
thickness: minimum: 0,2 cm
maximum: 0,5 cm
Physical parameters
actual val.ref.
λ thermal conductivity: 0,7 0,8 W/(m·K)
ρ density: 950 1300 kg/m³
c specific heat capacity: 1050 900 J/(kg·K)
μ Vapour diffusion resistance factor: 10 10
Processing properties
Installation (description): not specified
Ecological characteristics
Ecological parameters
Manufacturing phase (A1 - A3 in accordance with EN 15804)
actual val.ref.
PERE Primary energy renewable, energy resources: not specified 0,193 MJ/kg
PERM Primary energy renewable, materials: not specified 0 MJ/kg
PERT Primary energy renewable, total: not specified 0,193 MJ/kg
PENRE Primary energy non-renewable, energy resources: not specified 3,07 MJ/kg
PENRM Primary energy non-renewable, material: not specified 0 MJ/kg
PENRT Primary energy non-renewable, total: not specified 3,07 MJ/kg
GWP100 process Global warming potential: not specified 0,162 kg CO2 equ./kg
GWP100 C-Content Global warming potential: not specified -0,00515 kg CO2 equ./kg
GWP100 total Global warming potential: not specified 0,157 kg CO2 equ./kg
AP Acidification potential: not specified 0,000604 kg SO2 equ./kg
SVHC (besonders besorgniserregende Stoffe): Das verkaufsfertige Endprodukt enthält keinen besonders besorgniserregenden Stoff (SVHC) der Kandidatenliste
VOC (g/l): not specified g/l
Softener: not specified
Halogen-organic compounds: not specified w%
Service area
Technical data sheet:
issued on Nov 1, 2017
Safety data sheet:
issued on June 7, 2017
Morscher Farben- & Werkzeug-Handels-Gesellschaft m.b.H.
A-6837 Weiler
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Listed since: Oct 25, 2005
Amended: Apr 23, 2019
baubook product index: 2263 as
baubook green procurement
Harmonised “EcoBuildingCriteria” provided by “ÖkoKauf Wien” and “service package sustainable construction in Vorarlberg”
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