GUTEX Multitherm D

GUTEX Holzfaserplattenwerk
D-79761 Waldshut-Tiengen
Product groups: Wood-fibre insulation boards
Area of application (insulating materials):
Aufzählungspunkt under supporting structure (inside)
Product photos:
Materials used: 4,0% PUR-Harz
1,0% Paraffin
6,0% Flammschutzmittel
Renewable raw materials: 89 w%
Reference value: Wood fibre WF-WF (130 kg/m³)
Criteria for certification, tendering and subsidies

The criteria is relevant and the product supports the fulfillment of the criterion.
The criteria is relevant and the product does not support the fulfillment of the criterion or there are no validation documents available.
The criteria is not relevant for the application.
if an application is displayed in green, all relevant criteria of this application are met.
If at least one of the relevant criteria for an application is not met, the application is displayed in red.
Technical characteristics
Types of application according to ÖNORM B 6000 (WF): WF-WF Wood-fibre insulation with limited water absorption for use in back-ventilated facades, wood-frame construction, in lightweight components and in roof constructions

Format l x w: 1.760 mm x 600 mm
thickness: 6 cm
Dimensions (description): Deckmaß 1740 x 580 mm
Physical parameters
actual val.ref.
λr thermal conductivity rated valueAUT: 0,044 0,046 W/(m·K)
ρ density: 140 130 kg/m³
c specific heat capacity: 2100 1700 J/(kg·K)
μ Vapour diffusion resistance factor: 3 not specified
Dynamic elasticity modulus: 0,6 not specified MN/m²
Processing properties
Installation (description): not specified
Ecological characteristics
Ecological parameters
A1-A3 Product stageactual val.ref.
PERE Primary energy renewable, energy resources not specified 2,69 MJ/kg
PERM Primary energy renewable, material not specified 16,4 MJ/kg
PERT Primary energy renewable, total not specified 19,1 MJ/kg
PENRE Primary energy non-renewable, energy resources not specified 12,8 MJ/kg
PENRM Primary energy non-renewable, material not specified 1,55 MJ/kg
PENRT Primary energy non-renewable, total not specified 14,4 MJ/kg
GWP100-fossil Global warming potential, fossil not specified 0,909 kg CO2 eq./kg
GWP100-biogenic Global warming potential, biogenic not specified -1,71 kg CO2 eq./kg
GWP100-total Global warming potential, total not specified -0,804 kg CO2 eq./kg
AP Acidification potential not specified 0,00400 kg SO2 eq./kg
EP Eutrophication potential not specified 0,00148 kg PO43-/kg
POCP Photochemical ozone creation not specified 0,000156 kg C2H4/kg
ODP Ozone depletion potential not specified 6,52·10-8 kg CFC-11/kg
Weitere Lebensphasen anzeigen
SVHC (besonders besorgniserregende Stoffe): Das verkaufsfertige Endprodukt enthält keinen besonders besorgniserregenden Stoff (SVHC) der Kandidatenliste
Halogen-organic compounds: 0 w%
Production of raw materials
Country of origin of wood raw materials: The product contains wood from countries in which sustainability criteria within the meaning of §1 of the Austrian Forestry Act are anchored by law. This currently includes Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Country of origin of raw materials (text): not specified
Service area
CE marking
CE marking: yes
CE Declaration of Performance:
issued on Mar 8, 2019
PDF (641 KB)
valid until February 2023
Technical data sheet:
issued on Oct 1, 2019
Other forms of proof: EPD (483 KB)
Tischler Rohstoff e.Gen.
A-6845 Hohenems
baubook declaration
Listed since: Mar 23, 2015
Amended: Feb 5, 2020
baubook product index: 1524 ak
baubook green procurement
Harmonised “EcoBuildingCriteria” provided by “ÖkoKauf Wien” and “service package sustainable construction in Vorarlberg”
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