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Product groups: Glass wool insulation boards
Area of application (insulating materials):
Aufzählungspunkt Lightweight element
Aufzählungspunkt Rainscreen
Aufzählungspunkt Lightweight element
Aufzählungspunkt Double-wall construction
Aufzählungspunkt Soundproofing
Aufzählungspunkt Under board panelling
Aufzählungspunkt under supporting structure (inside)
Aufzählungspunkt Between supporting structure
Aufzählungspunkt Cold roof
Aufzählungspunkt Top SC, between supporting structure
Aufzählungspunkt abgehängte Decke
Product photos:
Recycling materials: 62 w%
Mineral raw materials: 90 w%
Reference value: Glass wool MW(GW)-W (24 kg/m³)
Criteria for certification, tendering and subsidies
2. 1. 4. Limit for plastic content in insulating materials and foils made of paper
2. 2. 2. Limits for CMR substances in insulation materials
2. 2. 12. Ban of acutely toxic substances
2. 4. 7. Additional criterion: Complete exclusion of organohalogen substances
5. 1. 6. Limits for VOC and SVOC emissions from insulating materials
5. 3. 1. Avoiding inorganic fibres in indoor air
6. 1. 2. Products without metal composites
A: Insulation materials with indoor air relevance
Room-side laid insulation materials that are not closed by a flow-tight layer of the room ai
B: Insulation materials without indoor air relevance
Insulating materials that are not laid on the room side and insulating materials laid on the room side, which are sealed off from the room air by a flow-tight layer.

The criteria is relevant and the product supports the fulfillment of the criterion.
The criteria is relevant and the product does not support the fulfillment of the criterion or there are no validation documents available.
Das Kriterium ist relevant, es ist aber im Einzelfall für die im jeweiligen Bauprojekt gelieferten Produkte einzeln nachzuweisen.
The criteria is not relevant for the application.
if an application is displayed in green, all relevant criteria of this application are met.
If at least one of the relevant criteria for an application is not met, the application is displayed in red.
Technical characteristics
Types of application according to ÖNORM B 6000 (MW): MW-W Bound mineral wool, not compression-resistant, for heat insulation of walls, ceilings or roofs)

thickness: 5 cm
6 cm
8 cm
10 cm
12 cm
14 cm
16 cm
18 cm
20 cm
22 cm
Physical parameters
actual val.ref.
λr thermal conductivity rated valueAUT: 0,034 0,036 W/(m·K)
ρ density: 24 24 kg/m³
c specific heat capacity: not specified 1030 J/(kg·K)
μ Vapour diffusion resistance factor: 1 not specified
Processing properties
Installation (description): not specified
Ecological characteristics
Ecological parameters
Manufacturing phase (A1 - A3 in accordance with EN 15804)
actual val.ref.
PERE Primary energy renewable, energy resources: not specified 2,55 MJ/kg
PERM Primary energy renewable, materials: not specified 0 MJ/kg
PERT Primary energy renewable, total: not specified 2,55 MJ/kg
PENRE Primary energy non-renewable, energy resources: not specified 46,2 MJ/kg
PENRM Primary energy non-renewable, material: not specified 0 MJ/kg
PENRT Primary energy non-renewable, total: not specified 46,2 MJ/kg
GWP100 process Global warming potential: not specified 2,45 kg CO2 equ./kg
GWP100 C-Content Global warming potential: not specified 0 kg CO2 equ./kg
GWP100 total Global warming potential: not specified 2,45 kg CO2 equ./kg
AP Acidification potential: not specified 0,0153 kg SO2 equ./kg
Halogen-organic compounds: not specified w%
Production of raw materials
Service area
CE marking
CE marking: yes
CE Declaration of Performance:
issued on Oct 1, 2016
The Blue Angel
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issued on Mar 23, 2017
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