baubook was created in 2001 from the two predecessor databases "öbox" and "ixbau". The former competitors, the IBO Vienna and the Energieinstitut Vorarlberg, pooled their competences and jointly developed baubook in its current form.

baubook, a cooperation between Energieinstitut Vorarlberg and IBO Vienna.

The internet platform baubook is a comprehensive information and communication hub for energy-efficient and ecological building.

The operator of the baubook platform is baubook GmbH. The different baubook platforms are each managed by an independent team. The shareholders of baubook GmbH are the Energieinstitut Vorarlberg and IBO GmbH (IBO-Austrian Institute of Building and Ecology), each with a 50 percent share. The company is headquartered in Vienna, with another location in Dornbirn.

baubook is designed as a supporting tool for the implementation of energy-efficient and ecological buildings.

baubook offers: a comprehensive catalogue with ecological and energetic criteria a freely accessible product database with information on manufacturers and dealers the basic data on building physics and building ecology for the calculation of energy and ecological indicators (freely downloadable) free tools such as a component calculator for the optimisation of wall, ceiling and roof structures, a neutral product comparison, etc. current information on the subject of "ecological building and renovation".

baubook central

The baubook central is the declaration platform for manufacturers and traders and guarantees the uniform quality assurance of the listed products. The central criteria pool as well as the standard values for the calculation of energy (heating requirement, etc.) and ecological indicators (eco-index 3) are administered and kept up to date here. The baubook central team also supports and advises the contact persons of the individual baubook platforms. Please find your contact person in the platform under "Contact". 

baubook professional

baubook professionell is the database for the implementation of pollutant-free interiors. Your contact person is the Austrian Institute of Building and Ecology. Contact details can be found on the platform under "Contact".

baubook Vorarlberg

Your contact persons for the Ecological Housing Promotion Vorarlberg are the staff of the Energy Institute Vorarlberg. For further contact details, please refer to the platform under "Contact".

baubook Lower Austria

For the baubook Lower Austria, the Danube University Krems is responsible for the content and design of the site. Their contact persons can be found on the platform under "Contact".

baubook Carinthia

The baubook Carinthia is managed by the Province of Carinthia, Department "Technical Area, Housing Promotion". You can find your contact person on the platform under "Contact".

baubook klima:aktiv building platform

The platform is managed by the Austrian Society for Environment and Technology and the Energy Institute Vorarlberg. Building declarations are carried out by regional partners. Further contact details can be found on the platform under "Contact".

baubook EcoBuildingCriteria

baubook ÖkoBauKriterien for public buildings was developed within the framework of a German-Austrian Interreg IIIA project. Further contact details can be found on the platform under "Contact".

Background and history: From öbox & ixbau to today's baubook.

In 2001, a directory of corresponding products was published for the first time by the Vorarlberg Energy Institute as part of the "Ecological Housing" housing subsidy. In 2004, a platform was created under the name "öbox", which has been continuously expanded and professionalised. In parallel, the IBO - Austrian Institute for Building Biology and Ecology GmbH and bauXund Forschung und Beratung GmbH developed as an online database for building products and building chemicals. The clients were the City of Vienna and the Building, Energy and Environment Cluster of Lower Austria. In November 2008, the two databases "öbox" and "ixbau" merged. This created the largest German-language online platform for ecological and energy-efficient building and renovation. The performance of "baubook GmbH" is continuously expanded by additional support tools and offers.

baubook (or the two predecessor databases "öbox" and "ixbau") was supported by:

  • Province of Vorarlberg
  • BEUC-bau.energie.umwelt.cluster
  • Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management
  • Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology
  • Ökokauf Vienna
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