Reference values

The baubook reference values primarily provide characteristic values for the calculation of energy and eco-ratios of building components and buildings and serve as orientation values for various product groups. The catalogue supports the calculation within the framework of the energy performance certificate and the OI3, especially in the early planning phase as well as in the existing building stock, when concrete products are not (yet) known. The baubook has set itself the goal of depicting reference values for all important product groups.

Building physics reference values

The building physics reference values are mainly taken from ONORM 8110-7 "Thermal insulation in buildings - Part 7: Tabulated thermal insulation design values". The design values of ONORM 8110-7 are adjusted in such a way that 90% of the products on the market also achieve this value. This alignment guarantees that, as a rule, the products actually used (e.g. within the scope of the EAW calculation) also achieve this value. The reference values thus enable a product-neutral and safe calculation within the framework of the housing subsidies of individual federal states or a building authority procedure (energy performance certificate). The data are only suitable to a limited extent for use in building physics reports.

Ecological reference values

The building ecology reference values provided on baubook are lists of life cycle assessment data for building materials and building processes. Together with the building physics data in baubook, the reference values are used for the calculation of energy or life cycle performance indicators of buildings, e.g. for the eco-index OI3 and the disposal indicator EI.

Currently, there are two reference value catalogues published on baubook, which the IBO issues and updates regularly:

Terms of use

The baubook GmbH does not assume any liability for the reference and product parameters provided. It is a list of received and collected information. Therefore, the database does not claim to be complete and correct. The baubook GmbH is also not liable in the event that a subsidy is not granted or is revoked due to incorrect manufacturer information.

More on the terms of use can be found in the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of baubook GmbH.

Example of a baubook reference value (these are located in the baubook centre):

The reference values are located in the baubook centre.

Use of the baubook reference values

Make reference values visible

In order to be able to see the reference values, you must be logged in and have selected a specific user group. Authorised users can also download the reference values in the download area and use them to calculate the energy performance certificate. If you are already registered, you can log in here to activate the reference values.

If you are not yet registered in baubook, you can "Register" by clicking on the "Register" link at the top right. As soon as you call up the reference values in the baubook central for the first time, you will be prompted to assign yourself to the correct user group by clicking on it.

The registration and login on baubook is not associated with any costs.

Use tools

To make the compilation of LCAs easy and fast, we have developed specialised online tools for baubook.

The baubook calculator for building components allows the compilation of building components using the data from baubook.
Life cycle assessments for whole buildings can be calculated with baubook eco2soft Life cycle assessments for buildings.
With the amortisation and economic efficiency calculator, the ecological and economic amortisation of insulation measures on building components can be estimated.

The reference values are also available in authorised software programmes for the preparation of energy performance certificates or Oekoindex OI3 calculations.

Background information on the building ecology reference values

Fundamentals of the IBO reference values

Manufacturers' data and literature data serve as the source for the IBO reference values. 

The building materials are accounted for in stages up to the point of "product ex works". This means that all upstream processes up to the delivery-ready product are taken into account. For each process step, material, transport and energy inputs, emissions to air, soil, water and waste must be determined. This so-called background data is based on ecoinvent 2.2.
The life cycle assessments are modelled according to the requirements of EN 15804:2012+A1:2013.

So far, IBO reference values have been determined for more than 500 building materials, building services materials and building processes.

Link to Methodological assumptions for IBO reference values


The IBO reference values were first developed within the framework of the project "Ecological Building Component Catalogue - Evaluated Common Constructions" (publication 1999), in the course of which life cycle assessment data for building materials were collected from 1994 onwards and have been continuously updated since then. 

In the context of the study "Passive House Catalogue of Building Components", the data for the IBO reference values were collected again in 2012. The methodology was changed to the newly published ÖNORM EN 15804.

For the IBO reference values 2020, major methodological changes were again necessary, as the new ÖNORM EN 15804+A1 was published in 2013.

Updates of the IBO reference values

The IBO reference values are updated and expanded periodically.

  • A "major update" is carried out when the LCA method has changed, a new catalogue of building physics parameters has been published or the background database has undergone a major update (e.g. IBO reference values 2012 and IBO reference values 2020).
  • In future, a "small update" with updates of individual reference values will take place once a year, always at the end of the year.

Corrections to the IBO reference values

1.7.2022 Correction of reference values for bricks
In the IBO reference value 2020 for vertically perforated bricks, an error in the averaging led to increased LCA values. On 9.5. the IBO imported corrected indicative brick values and marked the erroneous indicative values as "withdrawn". On 1.7. the incorrect reference values were made inactive.
The table gives an overview of the old and new data sets.
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