Cost overview

Declaration, registration, quality assurance and listing costs 2023

Please note that in the case of a declaration, the annual product listing fees of the respective platforms are incurred in addition to the declaration fees. The listing fees are charged to the day (from activation of the product) until the end of the current year. A listing is automatically renewed for a further year - unless the automatic renewal is deactivated or the product is deleted beforehand. All product declarations, changes, listings and dealer assignments will be combined into one invoice if possible. This will be sent to you by e-mail within around 14 days of receipt of your documents. Fees already incurred cannot be refunded even in the event of a negative review.

Service NEW! – Product entry or update by baubook

You supply the product data, we do the rest.Price in € / Product
Graduated prices (Price 1.–5. + Price 6.–20. etc.)1.–5.6.–20.from the 21.
Product registration by baubook GmbH – order now
Product update by baubook GmbH – order now
EPD data entry via import file – order now
Independent declaration (without support)freefreefree

Quality assurance Product declaration

Every baubook product is validated and quality assured.Price in € / Product
Graduated prices (Price 1.–5. + Price 6.–20. etc.)1.–5.6.–20.21.–45.46.–60.ab 61.
General products95,–82,–68,–68,–68,–
additionally for composite products (e.g. windows)40,–40,–40,–40,–40,–
Heat pumps, biomass boilers53,–47,–40,–40,–40,–

Quality assurance Product update

Relevant changes require quality assurance.Price in € / Product
General products, heat pumps, biomass boilers63,–
additionally for composite products (e.g. windows)40,–
Modification of documents with quality assurance (all products)37,–
Product change that does not require quality assurance (image exchange, ...)free

Product Listing – Listing Fee

Product listing on all Austrian platforms and/or BNB platform.Price in € / Product / Year
Graduated prices (Price 1.–5. + Price 6.–20. etc.)1.–5.6.–20.21.–45.46.–60.ab 61.
General products, windows, heat pumps, biomass boilers109,–89,–70,–6,–0,–
Costs for allocation of traders to product per year41,–41,–27,–freefree

Tools and licences

Licence costs baubook tool per yearSingle (1 Tool)
Double (2 Tools)Triple  (3 Tools)
eco2soft – life cycle assessment of buildings163,–217,–269,– 
baubook online produktmanager163,–217,–269,– 
AWR – Amortisation and profitability calculator163,–217,–269,– 
construction calculator

We offer students free full versions as part of their master's and diploma theses (registration required).

Licence costs universities for baubook „eco2soft“ and  „AWR“Licences (pcs.)Combi price / year
5 research accesses and 100 accesses for students1001.030,– 
10 research accesses and 200 student accesses2001.250,– 
20 research accesses and 400 student accesses4001.460,– 
50 research accesses and 1,000 student accesses1.0001.900,– 

All prices are in euros plus VAT at the statutory rate. For the first invoice, the fees are calculated to the day (14 days from the order date) and charged pro rata to the annual costs. Subsequent years will be invoiced on a full-year basis. Cancellation of the contract is possible until 31 December. Years already started will be invoiced in full. There will be no reimbursement.

Manufacturer platform and company presentation

Presentation options on baubookCreation costs (one-off)Listing costs / year
Manufacturer platform (incl. news and product area)4.480,–3.140,– 
Company presentation1.480,–780,– 


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