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The baubook database provides quality-assured ecological data on building products free of charge. The baubook product declaration is recognised as proof by many eco-programmes (klimaaktiv, ÖkoKauf Wien, ...). Users are thus spared the tedious collection of individual certificates and find all products presented in a manufacturer-neutral way.

Quality-assured data - for everyone who wants to build ecologically!

The core of baubook is the product database. There, all ecological product information is available to you with a high degree of reliability.

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The proof that the product fulfils the respective criteria is provided by the product manufacturers. The baubook employees carry out a quality assurance of the product information declared by the manufacturer. Have all the required certificates been submitted? Does the evidence match the requirements? Does the manufacturer's information correspond to the information in the test reports? Only after a positive conclusion of the quality assurance process will the baubook employees release the declared data.

Liability remains with the manufacturer, as baubook can neither assume responsibility for the content nor liability for the correctness of third-party information and data (more on this in the General Terms and Conditions and here).

The baubook platform concept

Different eco-programmes and manufacturers operate their own platforms on baubook. In these platforms you will find the product data filtered according to the requirements of the operators. For example, only the criteria of the Vorarlberg housing subsidy are shown on baubook Vorarlberg or only the products of the corresponding company can be found in a company platform.

The platforms also provide background information on the respective eco-programme or the respective companies. If you have specific questions about certain eco-programmes, it is best to visit these platforms directly in the database.

You can find an overview of all products, criteria, attributes and downloads displayed on baubook in the baubook head office. In the head office you can also view ecological and building physics reference values for the energy certificate and life cycle assessment calculation.

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Which products are displayed in the platforms?

Which products are displayed in the platforms?
There are different ways of accessing which products are displayed in the platforms. Mostly, all product groups and products are displayed in baubook. So you will also find products in these platforms that do not meet all the criteria or for which there are no criteria at all in the respective programme. Only when you open the product data sheet you will see which criteria the product fulfils.

On the baubook ÖkoBauKriterien and baubook wohngsund platforms, on the other hand, only product groups are shown for which there are criteria. By means of a filter, you can additionally select that only those products are to be displayed that fulfil all criteria. With the help of these additional filters, you can also create positive lists.

Product search with "standard criteria"

Product search with "additional criteria"

Filter product groups

The filter controls the extent to which the displayed product groups correspond to the relevant criteria. The following filter options are distinguished:

  • all products
  • standard criteria
  • including additional criteria

fulfilled for:
The degree of fulfilment (product filter) can differ for some products depending on the assigned product groups and applications. For example, a product may not fulfil individual criteria in an application with indoor air relevance. In an outdoor application, on the other hand, all criteria may be fulfilled.

With the setting "for all applications", only products that meet the requirements of the selected product filter for all product groups and applications are displayed. With the setting "for at least one application", products are displayed that fulfil the selected product filter for at least one product group or application. Therefore, more products tend to be displayed than with the setting "for all applications". However, it is no longer guaranteed that the selected requirement level is also fulfilled for all product groups and applications.

Get an overview of the products

The product names are displayed in the product list in the right frame of the baubook database. With a simple click on the name, the detailed product information opens.

The "Favourites" function allows you to "collect" baubook products and reference values that are of particular interest to you or that you use frequently.

Using the "Columns" function at the top right of the product list, you can switch on ecological characteristic values and properties in addition to the product name.

Free registration 

All product information is available to you without registration. Some functions, such as "Favourites" or "Tender", can only be used if you are registered and logged in. Registration is free of charge.

If you are not yet a registered user, you can register.

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