The database for ecological building and renovation.

baubook is a database for building products. It simplifies ecological and healthy building and facilitates verification within the framework of ecological tenders, building certifications and funding systems. baubook provides validated and structured building material data for the calculation of energy and ecological indicators.

The internet platform baubook is designed as a supporting tool for the implementation of energy-efficient and ecological buildings.

baubook offers you:

  • a comprehensive catalogue with ecological and energy criteria
  • a freely accessible product database with manufacturer and dealer information
  • basic building physics and building ecology data for calculating energy and ecological indicators (freely downloadable)
  • free tools such as a component calculator for the optimisation of wall, ceiling and roof structures,
  • a neutral product comparison
  • current information on the topic of "ecological building and renovation".

The core of baubook is the product database. There, manufacturers declare their building products centrally, simply and conveniently. Since all baubook applications access the central database, manufacturers do not need to make any further declarations. Test certificates for the building-physical and building-ecological characteristic values are stored centrally in this one place. After successfully passing baubook quality assurance, the declared products are listed in all target group-specific platforms. The export to the calculation programmes takes place via established interfaces.

Ecological criteria, building physics and ecology parameters as well as other product group-dependent properties are declared for the building products. The information is supplemented with a product description, pictures, safety data sheets and technical data sheets as well as manufacturer and, if applicable, dealer data. 

The product declaration is made directly on the internet. When making the declaration, the manufacturer registers (online at any time, free of charge) and enters his products with the help of the online assistant. Once all relevant information has been entered, a summary with the corresponding test certificates is sent to baubook.

baubook prepares the declared data and makes it available via the target group-specific platforms, and as basic data for the calculation of energy and building certificates. This simplifies the processing of subsidised and certified buildings. Therefore, baubook is used by architects, consultants, building owners and the executing building trade when realising energy-efficient and ecological buildings.

baubook is a registered member of the Professional Association of Engineering Offices in Austria.

Who uses, and who benefits from baubook?

All information from the baubook is available free of charge to interested parties and all actors in the building sector. This data is used by planners and architects, energy and ecological consultants, private and public builders and the building trade. Manufacturers and traders use the platform as a communication hub and to present validated building products.

The baubook offer for manufacturers and dealers

  • platforms for product presentation according to target groups
  • easy verification for subsidy processing and public tenders
  • simple online product declaration

The baubook offer for builders, municipalities and property developers

  • ecological criteria for product evaluation
  • support in the implementation of sustainable buildings
  • free product database with comprehensive information

The baubook offer for planners, consultants and tradesmen

  • free key figures for energy and building certificates
  • various online tools
  • further information on technology, health and environmental impact of building products

baubook tools

baubook aims to promote targeted and validated building with reduced ecological impacts and higher living health. For this purpose, we offer various online tools for the calculation and assessment of building components and buildings.

  visit baubook tools

Eco-programmes and platforms from baubook

„baubook makes it easier for public builders to tender according to ecological standards. Craftsmen can easily find the corresponding products at the click of a mouse.“

Dipl.-Ing. Dietmar Lenz
Project Manager, Managing Partner, AnBau – Agentur für nachhaltiges Bauen

When children and young people use buildings, the indoor climate is particularly important to us. Therefore, the selection of pollutant-free materials is essential for healthy indoor air, especially in public buildings.

Stefan Übelhör
Mayor of the municipality of Höchst

„Ecological building is the order of the day. baubook helps us to transfer the topic to the target group with concrete products and ecological criteria.“

BM Harald Gmeiner
Division Manager Ecological Building

„The one-time declaration at a central point is conceivably simple. Where questions arise, baubook provides quick and uncomplicated help.“

Ing. Patrick Denz
Building Construction and Facility Management, Energy Technology
City of Dornbirn

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