On baubook you will find detailed explanations of criteria of eco-programmes and corresponding products, manufacturers and dealers.


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In the declaration centre, manufacturers enter the product data and declare products for the baubook platforms.

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baubook offers useful tools such as the baubook calculator for building components, eco2soft - life cycle assessments for buildings, AWR amortisation and profitability calculator or the product manager.

  baubook tools

 eco2soft - life cycle assessment

  Online productmanager

  AWR Amortisation calculator

Reference values

baubook offers building-physical and building-ecological reference values and characteristic values for the life cycle assessment and for the calculation of the energy performance certificate.

  Characteristic values

  Reference values in the baubook centre

Database and tools for ecological building and renovation

baubook is a web portal for building products, components and tools that simplifies ecological and healthy building. The web platform provides validated building material data for the calculation of energy and ecological performance indicators. baubook facilitates verification in the context of ecological tenders, building certifications and subsidy systems.


Around 1,500 times a month, the energy and ecological indicators are read into the corresponding calculation programmes. Around 10,000 visitors a week obtain information on the topic of ecological building and renovation.

baubook contains around 3,700 building products from a wide range of manufacturers. All products are validated and quality assured by baubook. The relevant criteria of the respective platforms are assigned to the product groups. The verification is transparent and regulated for manufacturers.

Around 400 manufacturers and dealers present their products on baubook. All products can be provided with specific characteristic values or generic reference values. The data basis is used to calculate life cycle assessments and energy performance certificates.


Ecological criteria and corresponding products for 11 eco-programmes and 4 manufacturer platforms are mapped on baubook. More than 13,800 registered users obtain validated product information from baubook.

Manufacturers, producers and traders

  • Target-group specific advertising platforms
  • Facilitate safety demonstrations as part of project management & public invitations to tender
  • Simple online product declaration

Municipalities, developers and builders

  • Ecological product assessment criteria
  • Support in efforts to construct sustainable buildings
  • Free product database packed with a range of information

Planners, consultants and craftsmen

  • A free range of key figures for energy and building log books
  • Online construction component calculator
  • In-depth information on the technology, state of health and environmental impacts of construction products

Operators of eco-programmes

  • Presentation of eco-programmes
    Presentation of relevant criteria
  • Illustration of products with criteria fulfilment

Software manufacturers and database operators

  • baubook offers more than 1,000 reference values for the most common building materials 
  •  XML interface for data transfer
  • Interface agreement for database operators and programme manufacturers

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