Declaration procedure

Present your product on all platforms in four steps!

1. Free register

Register quickly and log in easily

The core of baubook is the comprehensive product database. Before making a declaration, a manufacturer or dealer registers quickly and free of charge. The product and company data entered are used to market your products. It is also possible to map a complex company structure with plants, branches, dealer data or contact persons.

2. Product declaration

Declare once - use on all platforms

The product declaration is made independently and directly on the internet with the help of the online assistant. For better marketing, technical information can be provided and supplemented with pictures, product descriptions, drawings, safety data sheets or leaflets. Since all baubook applications access the central system, no further declaration is necessary for manufacturers. Test certificates for the building-physical and building-ecological parameters are stored centrally in this one place.

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3. baubook data validation

We ensure and check the product quality.

After the declaration has been successfully completed, the data is checked by us. This is done in a timely and uncomplicated manner. We also offer assistance and consultation. If approval is granted, the quality-assured products are immediately put online. All products in the baubook are validated and checked. This ensures an accurate and fair product comparison.

4. Listing on all platforms

Listed products are searched for and found on the platforms

A published product is immediately used in all applications and listed in all target group-specific platforms. The export to the calculation programmes takes place via established interfaces. baubook prepares the declared data and makes it available via the target group-specific platforms and as basic data for the calculation of energy and building certificates. This significantly simplifies the processing of subsidised and certified buildings and ensures that your product is also found!

How can products be declared in baubook?

Declare your products online directly in baubook. In order to be able to make a product declaration, the first step is to register in baubook. If you are not yet a registered user, you can "register" here.  You can then start declaring your products in the "Administration" section. 

The online submission assistant will assist you with the entry. Alternatively, you can also use our service for entering or changing products.

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  Instructions for product declaration

  Instructions for dealers

What documents are required for the declaration?

The required documents vary depending on the product type. For windows, for example, certificates from accredited testing institutes are required for the U-value of the frame and the glazing. For paints, on the other hand, we need a safety data sheet for proof of the ingredients.

Which documents are specifically required is shown for the respective criterion under the additional information. The summary lists the data entered and the evidence provided. In general, we require the summary of the product declaration signed by the company. The data submitted to us will be treated confidentially.


Prices and costs

baubook cost overview for declaration, listing, amendment and quality assurance. The costs for the registration of your products are calculated and offered individually, as the effort depends on the product group, the information provided, the preliminary work you have done yourself, the number of products to be registered and the criteria to be verified.

sparschwein.svg  Prices and costs

Who is liable for the product properties (General Terms and Conditions)?

The liability for the product properties declared in the baubook is regulated in the general terms and conditions. The surveys and publications of the product information do not constitute a product test by baubook GmbH. The product entry is made on the basis of submitted product tests, declarations, proofs and manufacturer information. The proof that the specifications of the respective criteria are fulfilled is incumbent on the product manufacturer.

The general baubook terms and conditions contain important explanations and notes on liability and use of the database.

 baubook terms

Life cycle assessment characteristic values

The quality-assured product characteristic values as well as the baubook catalogue of standard values are the basic data for the preparation of energy and building certificates.

The use of the baubook data is mandatory in some Austrian provinces and thus ensures the uniform and comparable calculation of the building performance indicators.

Proof of criteria

Many eco-programmes recognise the declaration in baubook as proof. You deposit your test certificates and verifications once in the baubook declaration central and decide which test certificates you want to publish. After a successful quality check by the baubook team, your product data is available to all interested parties on the baubook platforms free of charge.

Keep products up to date

Please check your product declarations regularly to make sure they are up to date. Product information is only valuable to users if it is kept up to date. We also inform you by newsletter when eco-programmes issue new criteria or change criteria.

The submission assistant will inform you if your changes require quality assurance. For example, a change in the producer's phone number is immediately visible on the web without any check. A change in the fulfilled criteria of a product, on the other hand, requires an updated company-drawn product declaration with corresponding evidence.

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For dealers: Assign products

If you sell products that are listed in baubook, you can assign them to yourself as a dealer.
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Legend for the product status in the product declaration:

 Product declaration in progress. A product is in this status while you are entering its data.

Product declaration waiting for quality assurance. You put the product declaration in this status after you have finished entering the data.

 Product declaration in ongoing quality assurance. The baubook has received the written summary of the declaration and is now processing the declaration. 

 Active product. Quality assurance has been successfully completed, the product is now online. 

Product status legend for product change:

 Product change in progress. You are currently making changes to the product. The unchanged "original product" is still online.

 Product change waiting for quality assurance. You put the product change in this status after entering all changes. The unchanged "original product" remains online in the meantime.

 Product change in ongoing quality assurance. The baubook processes the product change. The unchanged "original product" remains online during this time.

Changes that require quality assurance are associated with costs:
• Product designation, short designation
• All building-physical and building-ecological characteristic values
• Selection of fulfilled criteria

 Active product. The product change has been successfully completed, the changed version of the product is now online.

Products without listing:

 Products that are active but not listed in baubook are marked with this symbol. This is useful, for example, for components of composite products that do not need to be listed on their own. The costs for listing are thus omitted.

How can an existing declaration be changed?

In the "Administration" section you can change, adapt and save your product and company data.

  1. As with the new declaration of products, the first step is that you "log in" to baubook.
  2. In the "Administration" section you can then change products that have already been entered.
  3. The submission assistant will inform you whether your changes require a new check. The change of the telephone number of the manufacturer, for example, becomes immediately visible on the web without any check. A change in the fulfilled criteria of a product, on the other hand, requires an updated company-drawn product declaration with corresponding evidence.

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