Construction calculator

Information on baubook construction calculator

The baubook construction calculator enables the assembly of walls, ceilings, floors, roofs and windows using quality assured products and guide values from the baubook database.

It provides:

  • graphic presentation of sections through structural element
  • 3D presentation of structural elementse
  • U-value calculation (heat transmission coefficient)
  • printout of structural elements and printout for funding (depending on the platform)
  • editing and saving of your own structural elements comparison of multiple structural elements
  • calculation of the OI Index
  • prefabricated examples of structural elements
  • randomly combinable homogeneous and nonhomogeneous layers
  • organisation of saved structural elements in folders

We would be pleased to receive feedback and suggestions!

Excerpt of planned add-ons

  • display of temperature gradation


If you have questions or suggestions about the baubook construction calculator:

@baubook GmbH   Alserbachstraße 5/8, 1090 Wien, Austria   T +43 1 319 200 50